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Monday, November 27, 2006

mini trend: rough wood


one of the wonderful by-products of the trend towards green design has been a resurgence of wood in the market. it came first in the form clean, smooth designs (and veneers of all types) that mimicked the modern look of materials like steel or resin. but as the green movement has become more of a permanent category we've seen the industry open up to include rough, chunky cuts of wood that let the natural beauty of the material shine. whether it's with burl bowls, rough carved wooden vases or reclaimed railroad ties, the design industry seems to be embracing beautiful wooden objects that have been left relatively natural. here are some ideas to bring the look into your home. [above: guava wood coasters $28, artisan wood vase $18-$38, burl wood bowls $31-$68]


[clockwise from left to right: palm wood napkin rings $6 for 12, honeycomb canister $38, wooden puzzle $42, root bowl $160]


[above, clockwise from left to right: wood wheel $169, cedar post box $25, salvaged wood nesting tables $269, tamarind platter $65]


[couldn't resist these: tiny wood skull beads $3.25]


[above, clockwise from left to right: reclaimed railroad tie plinths $59, reclaimed teak swivel box $49, amboyna burl vessel $425, acacia platter set $39]

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