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Monday, September 25, 2006

d*s mini trends [glass lamps]

Lampe Caracas

i was chatting with kristina at three layer cake about what she saw at maison et objet and she mentioned a real trend towards dramatic glass lighting (especially those with a clear glass base). i've always loved a good glass bottomed lamp (especially in color), so it's great to see european designers spinning the look in a high-end direction. i myself favor the regular old retail versions (that seem to come with a cheaper pricetag) so i compiled a nice collection of glass lamp bases that are available for a wide variety of prices. what's nice about this look (which is far from new but seems to be experiencing a resurgence lately) is that it's virtually timeless. a nice subtle, blown-glass lamp base will work with a modern, traditional, retro or minimalist decor. the simplicity of most of these designs makes them a great investment. and if you're willing to splurge on something a bit more dramatic check out the gorgeous european designs within the group that kristina spotted in paris. enjoy! [lamps above by les heritiers and anthropologie]


[lamps above left to right: mist table lamp, thomas o'brien for target, phantom lamp, glass lamp by les heritiers]

anthro 2

[lamps left to right: cairn lamp, olive oil lamp, lykta lamp, clover honey lamp]

niche modern 3

[all lamps above by niche modern]


[lamps left to right: glass lamp by nicolo taliani and mercer lamp by conciluce]


[blister lamp at greener grass design]

Thursday, September 07, 2006

d*s mini trends! [textiles in design]

claire coles 3

this is a movement i've been seeing for months now (and saw the first inklings of years ago), but just now gathered enough samples to fully illustrate (i think it's important to give examples of a trend rather than just announce one willy-nilly). textiles have always been popular in the design world but never have they been more integrated into the product design world than in the last few months (or even the last year). starting with hella jongerius's embroidered tablecloth design of 2000, designers have started to investigate methods of integrating textiles and, most recently stitching, into ceramics, furniture, lighting and tableware. perhaps not the most functional method of detailing, this stitch+furniture marriage has been a stunning one to observe as designers across the globe test out their own unique versions. what i love most is the "hand-made" feel it gives to objects. so here is a collection of objects designed with stitching and textiles in mind, enjoy![stitchwork products above by designer claire coles]


[textile-detail chair from free people (via oh joy!), textile wrapped wire lamps by jed crystal, bracelet by hella jongerius, chair by tord boontje and woven chair back by chrissy angliker]

spring spruce up

[ikea stool by d*s spring spruce up winner]

reddish 6

[table, chair and breadboard all embroidered with thread by design studio reddish. via kristina at three layer cake]

cai lighting

[crochet covered lighting by cai lighting at icff]


[embroidered tablecloth/plate by hella jongerius, woven mat by charlotte lancelot, textile covered throw/stool by tazana design at icff, bovist embroidered floor cushion by hella jongerius for vitra]

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