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Monday, September 25, 2006

d*s mini trends [glass lamps]

Lampe Caracas

i was chatting with kristina at three layer cake about what she saw at maison et objet and she mentioned a real trend towards dramatic glass lighting (especially those with a clear glass base). i've always loved a good glass bottomed lamp (especially in color), so it's great to see european designers spinning the look in a high-end direction. i myself favor the regular old retail versions (that seem to come with a cheaper pricetag) so i compiled a nice collection of glass lamp bases that are available for a wide variety of prices. what's nice about this look (which is far from new but seems to be experiencing a resurgence lately) is that it's virtually timeless. a nice subtle, blown-glass lamp base will work with a modern, traditional, retro or minimalist decor. the simplicity of most of these designs makes them a great investment. and if you're willing to splurge on something a bit more dramatic check out the gorgeous european designs within the group that kristina spotted in paris. enjoy! [lamps above by les heritiers and anthropologie]


[lamps above left to right: mist table lamp, thomas o'brien for target, phantom lamp, glass lamp by les heritiers]

anthro 2

[lamps left to right: cairn lamp, olive oil lamp, lykta lamp, clover honey lamp]

niche modern 3

[all lamps above by niche modern]


[lamps left to right: glass lamp by nicolo taliani and mercer lamp by conciluce]


[blister lamp at greener grass design]


Anonymous Daphne said...

I have been hooked on glass and crystal lamp bases for the last month. Thanks for posting - I've seen a few that I'm definitely interested in.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous caron said...

i am so interested in the glass lamps by les hertiers, but their site is under construction. any other way to get a catalog? or when their site will be up?

9:03 PM  

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